Underground System at Millpond.Live

“Underground System represents a melange of cultures and musical influences...they’ve kind of invented their own sound.” -Washington Post

A convergence of musical and cultural influences, the unstoppable female-fronted group of neo-afrobeat deconstructionists have cultivated a sound as inimitable as its members. Owing their foundations to traditional afrobeat (and named after a Fela Kuti song), the band has gone on to embrace New Wave, Italo Disco, funk, electronica and House music, creating dance-heavy musical convergences between the genres. Underground System is increasingly hard to categorize, but global dance music sums it up — and Valley audiences who caught their Millpond.Live or their Collider 4 set will know exactly what we mean by that.

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What's with the statue?

“José Gregorio has been our mascot and protector for now 10 years,” said Olivier Conan, “Someone stole the bust. We don’t think it’s funny.”
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