THe Bartlett Farm

Built in the 1840’s as a wedding gift from a Lexington landowner to his son, the Bartlett Farm embodies classic Greek revival architecture and is featured in “The Houses We LIve In”. During the 1900’s, the property became a working dairy farm. Cows drank water from the Sawmill River that encircles fields and grazed in twelve acre meadow. Flash forward to the 70’s - the place became an impromptu commune, home to free-thinking, creative utopians.

Today, Kathleen Lynch, Dean Garvin, and their three children steward the land, maintaining a network of meandering paths, hidden glens, and wide open spaces that abut the Sawmill Conservation Area. Bartlett Farm is located in the heart of Montague, just a five minute walk from the Book Mill.
Photos by the inimitable
Julian Parker-Burns
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