“Combo Chimbita uses cumbia as a building block but they get psychadelic, trippy and downright freaky, with an inventive combination of rhythms and sounds from Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.” - NPR

Now signed with the legendary ANTI- Records label for their second release Ahomale, this quartet of Colombian NYers is at the forefront of the avant-garde Latinx music scene. Powerhouse vocalist Carolina Oliveros forges a path through thick jungles of psychadelic funk and trance; what the band calls Tropical Futurism or Cumbia-Not-Cumbia. The group draws on “traditional music from everywhere: Panama, Caribbean, Colombia, tamboritos, ‘70s funaná from Cape Verde, kompa from Haiti, cumbia, dub and reggae from Jamaica,” says guitarist Niño Lento. And of course, Combo Chimbita was born in Barbès — they began jamming there in 2015 and developed their signature sound in the small back-room performance space.

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What's with the statue?

“José Gregorio has been our mascot and protector for now 10 years,” said Olivier Conan, “Someone stole the bust. We don’t think it’s funny.”
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