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Son Rompe Pera @ 9:45 PMField Stage

Son Rompe Pera

Son Rompe Pera

The Gogol Bordello of Cumbia

Son Rompe Pera is the Gogol Bordello of cumbia; the essence of cumbia punk. You’ve heard marimbas before, and garage rock, and cumbia. But here is a new genre of music from Mexico City that did not exist before Son Rompe Pera: garage-marimba-cumbia-punk. Think of the Misfits with cha-cha-cha and psychedelia — More danceable but equally punk. A pan-Latin psychobilly that must be seen live, coming this Summer to Montague for their U.S. debut.

The three Gama brothers grew up playing the folkloric marimba with their father, often busking with him on the streets from morning to evening. It’s a remarkable story -- working class musicians growing up in a folk tradition  that, through raw creativity and punk spirit, dismantled the inherited sound and reinvented it through the vehicle of cumbia. Their music and style brings in an audience as wide-ranging as working-class Mexicans, global music lovers, and young hipsters. Reliable sources tell us they are one of the best live acts on the planet right now.

Photos by the inimitable
Julian Parker-Burns
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