Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra

“If they come to your town, drop what you're doing and go see them. Wear dancing shoes.” -NPR

ANTIBALAS, Brooklyn’s premiere 14-piece afrobeat orchestra, has long been revered for re-popularizing the classic Afrobeat sound while adding their distinct New York City grit to the mix. Influences of punk rock, free jazz, and hip-hop seep into their expansive works to define a truly 21st century translation of the Afrobeat genre and beyond. They are the quintessential live band — their performances are praised globally for their intense but party-friendly sound and earnest political messages. ANTIBALAS is Spanish for “bullet-proof,” an obvious reference to street activism and an uncompromising will to speak up and stand up for social injustice in the spirit of Fela’s own struggle in Nigeria. 

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What's with the statue?

“José Gregorio has been our mascot and protector for now 10 years,” said Olivier Conan, “Someone stole the bust. We don’t think it’s funny.”
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